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Tra..lala-lala...lala-lala...La Start spreading the-e Ne-ews If you want to be-ea a part of it.... Bo-Nocare...Bo-NoCare-e Just sign your name ...anywhere-e It's up to ...U......BoNoCare...BoNoCare-e Tra..lala-lala...lala-lala...La
She's illiterate. The first thing that she will do is add her name to Dodd, Frank, and Waters as if she had just become partner. The problem is that DF is the most moronic banking policy in US History. For her, this would be a step up.
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Plastic Bags May Be Banned in Dallas

BuggiOlleo Wrote: Oct 29, 2013 3:56 PM
Why are these TV Newsy Personalities seemingly so jazzed about getting rid of the plastic bags? 30 years ago plastic bags replaced paper sack as more eco friendly. Why not go bag to paper being that Newspapers are so obsolete nowadays. Go Paper!
Meanwhile, those who actually accept EBT cards as money...get paid; we get, hate to say it, ...laid.
Reagan rules apply; I wonder...did Mitch come to Rubio's aid for election ? answ...NOPE. They wanted "two step Chucky"...aka Charlie Chris.
To DickD Destruction of the private healthcare market is the success, and NoBoHealthcare has helped make it happen. Wow, what...a....succsesspool.
Nice interpretation; try finishing the sententce. " nyet, he blatantly Executive Orders himself all kinds of Unconstitutional Powers just like every other Banana Republic. "
At least, Hayes has the balls to actually talk about his National Socialist yearnings. All the rest of his ilk hide in the shadows. Even Barry, the Constitutional Scholar knows the limits of his power, nyet, he blatantly Executive Orders himself all kinds of Unconstitutional Powers just like every other Banana Republic. Sooner or later, this argument can and should be debated. The problem with Hayes argument is that BiGov is the Keystone Cops of efficiency. In his mind, if we keep just throwing good bad after good sooner or later it will end up being good; too bad history hasn't worked out too well with his kind of thinking; in the 20th Century alone close to 200 million souls were thrown after the bad; and still to this day, it's still rotten to the core. Hayes is a pathogenic psycophant who spreads propaganda at will; and, NBC gave this guy a platform to spread his vile likeness to the easily manipulated. There is nothing modern or cool about this guy...pure evil.
One other thing...if being called an Extortionist, arsonist, extremist, murderer, and Terrorist, by our own BiGov, doesn't other you today.....imagine the wonders in store coming from our next Elected Supreme Regime....if this one ever decides to step down. Try dialing the exchange AND ACA Hotline; just think if we could insert this rhetoric into the Beatles White album and spin backwards, what would it say then? ehy John could turn it up a bit more please?
John; Gmail moved all of my Townhall communication to a Promotions folder?! I have been trying to figure out for weeeeeks why my Townhall mail was not getting delivered. Why? Because I clean my Cookies and cache, reg. SOBiscuit-eaterz. Why does this bother me so much. Well, it's because I have to do extra work to figure out what's been done...not out of efficiency, but I believe, out of spite. I Hated Yahoo Mail b4 Gmail..never liked FB or Tweeter. I just want my subscribed content where it's always been unless I get rid of it. Please, for all that is holy, can someone pah-lease invent a comparable search/mail engine which doesn't have Libiot/Progrssv paws all into my PRIVACY. ehy, this ones 4U GOOGLE, FU, ahhhhhhhhyeeeeee!!!
Isn't it just great that some Co like eHealth will be available toward quality healthcare after NoHealthcare?..cough CONvenient.
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