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Does the Save American Workers Act ..real_ly need to be a freakin Bill? All of this is appalling.
Well, with 1.2 Trillion bucks which have been approved by way of the Republican controlled House, what...is...not...too ....like(Yippee)___unless one happens to be a taxpayer. Oops!
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America's Next President

BuggiOlleo Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 6:26 AM
Rand Paul's should just write a memo.
Not sure how a Doctor made his way from Ebola Central toi Canada, but he did_then quarantines himself. Which part of don't fxn leave quarantine is not understood?! Our Southern Border is wide open to be exploited...and _crickets. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-29/canadian-doctor-quarantines-himself-over-ebola-fears-after-returning-liberia
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Clay Aiken Primary Too Close to Call

BuggiOlleo Wrote: May 07, 2014 3:44 PM
This IS potful. Clay Aiken...mans man....plastic hollyweird....potential weiner of the Kook party NC. Nothing fun or funny here. This is NC sad.
Lamestream Media______________The Cheerleaders....tongue-tied! Meanwhile, my parents have to decide whether to buy food or medicine. So, thank you George Bush for NOT dealing with this terrible problem, and Oboingo can go Fx himself. All of these guys are the same seditious b2stards. Here's your payment....middle finger.............
Since when does PETA celebrate Easter? Cmon. It's enough to make one want to vomit. PETA is Leftist and they 'only' worship at the alter of BiGov.
Seems to me that behind this video wiill be many disgruntled EcoZealots...plastic? My word! Paper sacks which killed the trees...lead to plastic bags which filled up the landfills.,..which lead to biodegradable bags made in ChiCom City...Whoopie! Problem solved...Pollute China, Yeah!
Colorado Politicians are having a field day. They get to lock people up AND charge the Uber Tax.. Every toker from out West which I speak with...50% are Happily intoxicated; the 50% still holding onto their brain cells are peeved. I imagine all the junior schoolers are pr-rtetty stoked about free tokes from their parents stash. What fun it is to be a Demokook with No Challenges.
Lame Duck. But, he still has the power of his penmanship.
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