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Study: "About One-Third of Millenials" Regret Going to College

Buford14 Wrote: May 26, 2013 3:42 AM
Educators need to stop pusing everyone to college. We are in great need of people who can work in thius country. People with the skills to do plumbing work, work on Air Conditioning & Heating, Machiinists, Brick Layers, Mechanics, Auto body Repairmen, people who can operate anAuto Frame Repair Machine, Nurses There are programs for Nurses that do not take 4 years. A person with a 2 year degree can get a multitude of jobs, A person with a 2 year degree and some smarts can make a good living in the insurance adjusting field. There are also multitudes of training institutions that can people for desparately needed jobs that cost way less than a 4 years college degree. Plus, you would not get apolitical liberal education while taking a math, English, History, etc. classes. Many of these classes are taught by people who can and have actually done physical work and their focus is on teachning a skill not politics.

A new study shows that roughly 33% of millennials wish they never went to college.

That’s a stunning statistic -- and it’s evidently not because of the keg parties either. Plainly put, since more than 50 percent of college students finance their educations with student loans -- graduating, on average, about $28,000 in the proverbial hole -- it’s easy to see why a plurality of young people wish, in retrospect, they had never attended college in the first place

Can we really blame them?

Here’s an indication of how burdensome student loans have become: About one-third of...