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And Straight From The White House

Buford14 Wrote: May 23, 2013 8:08 AM
Obama gave the IRS Union so much power that the union is running the place. The only way to get any of these parasites fired is to indict them, try them and jail them.That will not happen while Obama is in the WH.

Today, Josh Marshall argues that Lois Lerner should be fired.

Today, Ezra Klein aruges that Lois Lerner should be fired.

So does Salon's reliable lefty Joan Walsh.

Yesterday, both men were seen arriving at the West Wing for, presumably, a new iteration of White House talking points (hey, maybe Walsh was there, too).  So we can all assume that President Obama wants Lois Lerner gone.

Why can't he fire her himself?  Well, according to Politico,

It appears that no one has been formally reprimanded and a spokesperson for the union representing IRS workers said it hasn’t...