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Lois, Which would you prefer; a Burka (Burqa), Chadri, Niqab, or Pranja? Great Ad! Keep up the good work!
Garcia is easy on the eyes--Kuster, not so much. Once again the GOP comes through with the more attractive candidate.
But, but, butt "we" got Osama.
28. Purchasing spray paint or paint stripper.
It sounds a lot like voting present or leading from behind. Take your pick.
Regarding promotions for those held captive, I believe individuals are automatically advanced at normal phase points--not early or below the zone. In a few rare cases we have left troops behind. Defectors to North Korea were left to live with their choices.
Since he seems to learn about things in the new, how about sending the President a subscription, or at least one copy of, every newspaper in the country?
Must be something in the water at Foggy Bottom. If we wait a while we'll hear something like, "At this point, what difference does it make?"
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