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Can we get a list of the no shows? If any of my three congress critters I'd like to give them a piece of my mind. I'm going to copyright "Bomb Whatever" for tee shirts, caps and mug.
Either our President needs a testosterone unblocker or a better hash tag.
In the last 35 years average medical expenses have gone up six fold while education ten fold. Easy government money is the biggest driver of the increase.
Resist we much. Yes we can!
What's not to like? The acronym for the proposed act is TEA. That alone is enough to kill any bipartisan support for what appears to be a good idea.
You speak the truth. In the last 35 years, while medical costs have risen six fold educational expenses have gone up ten fold. Not much proof anyone (except the educrats) are benefitting from the increases.
Lois, Which would you prefer; a Burka (Burqa), Chadri, Niqab, or Pranja? Great Ad! Keep up the good work!
Garcia is easy on the eyes--Kuster, not so much. Once again the GOP comes through with the more attractive candidate.
But, but, butt "we" got Osama.
28. Purchasing spray paint or paint stripper.
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