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The Internet is Eating our Brains.

BuffaloBillie Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 7:11 AM
How true, how true! If Americans ever give up our guns, we're goners! This regime is out to change us into a 100% socialist/communist country and, with the assistance of BOTH parties, he's getting his way. Check out Obama's FEMA Corps. It's that standing "civilian" army he promised some 3 years ago. They have automatic weapons, hollow-point bullets and armored vehicles. They're SUPPOSED to be helping out with natural disasters. Anyone hear about them helping out in Hurricane Sandy territory? I think not.......

What kind of collective insanity prevails when you have to show a pic ID to buy spray paint or cold medicine, but not to vote to choose government officials?

Is citizenship so cheaply regarded? Stopping taggers and garage chemists is more important than the integrity of our elections?

Friends, don't spend too much time and energy fussing about proposed repeal of the 22nd Amendment, allowing presidents to serve more than two terms. There are nowhere near the required 38 states to ratify such an amendment. It's probably being floated just to make us run around with our...