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In Defense Contract Dispute, Obama Administration Again Violates Promises of Transparency

BuffaloBillie Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 11:34 AM
Has our government completely forgotten the fact of almost 8% unemployment and almost $16 trillion in debt? If the Brazilians decide we can't have any planes or parts, later, we will have a bunch of worthless, unflyable planes. Duh! Why, given our fiscal problems are we giving Afghanistan anything? They will ultimately be used against our only ally in the middle east, Israel. We should NEVER have anything important to our troops be manufactured by a foreign country!

The ongoing saga that has been the Air Force’s questionable management of the Light Air Support (LAS) contract has taken yet another seemingly unprecedented turn. On March 22nd the Air Force decided to interfere during the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) necessary review of the LAS procurement process.

In a stunning move, the Air Force cited national security as its rationale for deciding to override the stay during the GAO’s review of their conduct despite recent investigations uncovering outright bias on the part of Air Force officials during the first source selection process in 2011. Claiming our brave service members are better...