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You are an idiot!
As an example of why average American citizens need guns, pull up this on your computer. It's real and it's true. It's a little long, but it's cogent as of this day in the United States. God bless America!
Why are all the columnists calling these socialist/fascist liberals "progressives"? The only thing they're "progressive" about is their desire to be in total control - of EVERYTHING! Guns aren't a Republican thing. The 2nd Amendment says we can have them. The reason there's such an uproar about guns now is that the socialists want to take them away from us so that they will have free reign in turning the country into a communist one and, for that, they need an un-armed populace! Get a "grip", America! They're after your guns and the next thing you know, they'll take away ALL your Amendments.
Of the 315 million people in this country, Romney only got 5 million less than Obama. The anointed one did not win by a "landslide" as he would have you believe.
Your idea is much more valid than Notre Dame Mom's. The government shouldn't be into schooling in the first place. It should be the states' business!
Maybe Matt needs to go to war and see how things go. It would probably do him more good than sitting in his nice comfortable chair in front of the TV cameras, making tons of money and downing a young man who actually works towards freedom. Without warriors, he wouldn't be doing much of anything except maybe speaking a foreign language as his primary mode of conversation and it most likely wouldn't be on TV.
Unfortunately, whomever started the term "African-American" should be thrashed! Blacks in America are not Africans. They are Americans - just that their ancestors were from Africa. Would it not be ridiculous if we had all these Italian-Americans, German-Americans and on and on? All this does is continue the racism which divides our wonderful country. And, on another note, I saw this quote the other day which is so true: "If blacks had been able to have guns, they never would have been Slaves!"
Your name isn't quite correct. It should be communist. I'll just bet you don't give everything above your "basic bills" to the government. Mostly, they just squander it anyway. You have forgotten that this country is built on capitalism. You get what you work for - - or used to - - until the "Great Society" took hold and now we have sweet, promiscuous Angel and her brood demanding that we support her and her little illegitimates.
Such a BOZO! What in the world would cause "millions and millions of helpless people to lose their jobs and starve on the streets"? I'd like to see some of those lazy bums and moochers actually contributing to our tax base instead of just taking everything they can get their dirty hands on. The woman with the 15 kids and three "fathers" should be sterilized. Obviously, she cannot support herself much less that tribe of illegitimates. I'm tired of us who work and contribute paying for MOSTLY nothing more than a bunch of deadbeat cheats! The money being given to them should be used to help those who actually NEED help. Mr. Robert, it is YOU who should "get a brain"!
Please be aware that the parent company of the Journal News is Gannett - publisher of USA Today, among others.
I've read a LOT of these posts and I'd like to say one thing which I think is cogent. Most of you call them "progressives". Actually, I think socialist/communist/fascist/liberal fits better. When you say "progressive", people interpret it as being a person who's "hip", modern, up-to-date, etc. Actually, they're out to ruin our wonderful country. This new description sounds far too "politically correct".
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