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I do believe Ms. "hyphenated" should find a new line of work. It's obvious that her intentions were exactly as they were uttered. I cannot imagine the hurt she did to her own WHITE family who adopted the little black girl who had NO family! Shame on you!
That Charlie's such a sweetheart! Always thinking of the downtrodden. Remember Tawana Brawley, the black girl who was raped and stuffed in a dumpster by some white men? Turns out, it was a figment of his vile imagination just to stir up more racial tension. Remember his evasion of rent controls too? Dishonest to the bone!
If you examine the route taken through downtown and the sharp turns required to get the limo into the triple underpasses, you'll see that whomever laid out the street plans had it all figured out so that the limo would be virtually stopped when it got to the corner of the School Book Depository, giving the gunman/men a nice, slow, accurate shot! Hoover hated Jack and Bobby and LOVED Lyndon.
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Chris Christie for President?

BuffaloBillie Wrote: Nov 11, 2013 3:43 PM
Christie is just like the rest of the RINOs! He's only interested in bettering himself. He would be a sorry choice for president. Just because he can get along with the Northeast crowd and the RNC is not the same as governing according to the Constitution.
hoosierheart! How true, how true! We have a bunch of worn-out RINOs who should be put out to pasture. Start with John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, Susan Collins, then on from there! Get rid of those who refuse the principals of small government and their oath to uphold the Constitution! Get rid of Reince Prebus and the rest of that bunch. We need to take back our party before it's just a branch of the liberals' Democrat party. I also refuse to give another nickel to the Repubs because of their ignorance, odiousness, hatefulness, etc. We need a party that responds to the wishes of the people, not the Washington RINOs!
In the last sentence under "Comments", the U.S. problem is clearly defined: "in contrast to the US, which is perceived as the supporter of Islamist government." Our president is so enamored with Islam that he forgets that the U.S. was founded by Christians and under Christian principles and the majority of our population is Christian. Since he was not raised in the U.S. and by Muslim parents and surrounded by communists/liberals, it explains how his culture is counter to ours. By the time he arrived on mainland U.S., his personality and core beliefs were already defined.
Obama's so good with the drones, why doesn't he just "turn one loose" on Quintero? While he's so outraged by them turning him loose, how about doing some research and find out who killed Mr. Terry with Eric Holder's "Fast & Furious" guns and bring them to justice? Just asking........
Given the fact that Bush's ranch belonged to him and was fully outfitted with all the security and phones required from the get-go, that was a one-time expense. The Obamas don't seem to own anything they enjoy going to so they choose a new one each time like Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii, etc. - and they're rented and NEVER the same. Each of those have to be outfitted with all that security stuff and so do the quarters for their entourage. Upon departure, all that has to be dismantled. No one seems to care about that expense! Bush also used Camp David quite a bit and Obama's used it no more than once or twice. That's been equipped for the president since it was built.
Has our government completely forgotten the fact of almost 8% unemployment and almost $16 trillion in debt? If the Brazilians decide we can't have any planes or parts, later, we will have a bunch of worthless, unflyable planes. Duh! Why, given our fiscal problems are we giving Afghanistan anything? They will ultimately be used against our only ally in the middle east, Israel. We should NEVER have anything important to our troops be manufactured by a foreign country!
Isn't all this ammunition supposed to be used by Homeland Security and the FEMA Corps? Yes, there is such a thing as FEMA Corps. They're probably very similar to Hitler's brown shirts of World War II history. Homeland Security has graduated at least 2 classes with more on the horizon. This information is all available by just Googling it. You'll find plenty of ".gov" information to prove what I'm saying. My senators and congressman won't give me a response as to why and how they're funded. Supposedly, the FEMA Corps were formed to help out in disasters like maybe hurricanes? However, there have been none in evidence post Hurricane Sandy. The Department of Defense is turning over bases they're closing to Homeland Security also.
You are an idiot!
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