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He'd be a corpse in the Marine Corps! Remember, the Army Corpse of Engineers? I think there were a couple of others I can't remember just now.
Obama doesn't care about the Constitution and has shown it time after time. What the officer said is absolutely correct! What's happened to "freedom of speech"? Has Obama voided everything our government stood for before he was anointed?
"Squeaky" Reid is the domestic terrorist! He needs to be removed and sent back to his ranch before he does anymore damage to the U.S.!
Anyone watching the figure skating should be well aware of Johnny Weir's sexual orientation. He's been wearing pink jackets, lots of women's necklaces, rings and even a head band one night. Someone is doing a bang-up job of applying his makeup also. It appears he's wearing lipstick and his eyebrows have definitely been enhanced. I find it disappointing that he goes this far, especially considering his position in the ice skating world.
They saved the extra money for another luxurious vacation, duh!
With the temperature tonight expected to be in the 'teens with possible snow, it seems completely ridiculous to have ANY dinner outside in a TENT when we have a perfectly wonderful White House to hold it in! Just think of all the extra waiters, tent set-up, heaters, etc. that will be required to have it outside. This is some more of Michelle's "delusions of grandeur" which will cost much more than having it in the comfort of being inside! There are a lot of things to spend our hard-earned tax dollars on besides having a super party for a single head of state.
The trouble with a lot of people who come to Texas is they vote just like they did in their old state, thus bringing us down to that level. People who want to come to Texas should be more than happy to just leave it like it is! That's why they came in the first place!
William, "you've been wrong so long but you're so right tonight"! Watching our wonderful country going down the tubes with a "king" making new laws daily is what's causing the great exodus! The Republicans will not stand up and stop this madness!
People who would normally vote Republican because of their conservative beliefs and desire for adherence to the Constitution are the ones who are now "independents". Voting for the same bunch of RINOs like McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Cornyn, etc., just perpetuates the liberal/leftist rulings of the Democrats. They vote almost in lockstep with the dems.
I do believe Ms. "hyphenated" should find a new line of work. It's obvious that her intentions were exactly as they were uttered. I cannot imagine the hurt she did to her own WHITE family who adopted the little black girl who had NO family! Shame on you!
That Charlie's such a sweetheart! Always thinking of the downtrodden. Remember Tawana Brawley, the black girl who was raped and stuffed in a dumpster by some white men? Turns out, it was a figment of his vile imagination just to stir up more racial tension. Remember his evasion of rent controls too? Dishonest to the bone!
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