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Absolutely, but as long as Eric Holder is the Attorney General, nothing will happen to him. That goes for whomever Obama appoints next also!
Impeach the Muslim!
Any person who goes overseas in order to be trained by the terrorists should not be allowed back into the U.S. Any jihadist in the U.S. should be sent to Gitmo - NOT a U.S. prison where they can recruit more malcontents! Let's get real and stop the terrorists and I do mean ISLAMIC TERRORISTS or any other kind.
He wouldn't have needed any security because Muslims don't kill other Muslims, especially the "leader" of the free world! If we Americans don't understand by now that he's a Muslim, it's just like has been said - we're dumb! Why didn't Holder attend? He was in Paris - on our nickel - but chose not to go. Do you suppose maybe he's a Muslim too????
What you just said is the only comment that makes sense. Since MTA had flashlights and the station was only 200 feet back, why didn't THEY think of doing that? Government employees, that's why!
Until Boehner and McConnell are removed from their lofty seats, it will continue to be the same as always. They are nothing more than "Democrat-lite". Hopefully, when the new guys get in, they will vote like they should and some of the timid ones who are afraid of their "fearless leaders" will stand up and vote them out. The Republicans need some leaders with guts and Boehner and McConnell have none! My entire adult voting-age life (50+ years) I've considered myself a Republican but the way the "dear leaders" have squandered their power have caused me to absolutely be a conservative independent only!
He'd be a corpse in the Marine Corps! Remember, the Army Corpse of Engineers? I think there were a couple of others I can't remember just now.
Obama doesn't care about the Constitution and has shown it time after time. What the officer said is absolutely correct! What's happened to "freedom of speech"? Has Obama voided everything our government stood for before he was anointed?
"Squeaky" Reid is the domestic terrorist! He needs to be removed and sent back to his ranch before he does anymore damage to the U.S.!
Anyone watching the figure skating should be well aware of Johnny Weir's sexual orientation. He's been wearing pink jackets, lots of women's necklaces, rings and even a head band one night. Someone is doing a bang-up job of applying his makeup also. It appears he's wearing lipstick and his eyebrows have definitely been enhanced. I find it disappointing that he goes this far, especially considering his position in the ice skating world.
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