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Boehner's Battle Cry: The Voters Elected Us Too, Deal With It

BuffaloBillie Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 12:13 PM
Of the 315 million people in this country, Romney only got 5 million less than Obama. The anointed one did not win by a "landslide" as he would have you believe.

WASHINGTON - House Republican leaders seized the high ground this week in the furious battle to curb federal spending, forcing Senate Democrats to produce their first budget in nearly four years.

It was a political high wire act, but House Speaker John Boehner pulled it off without a hitch. In one master stroke, he reunited most of his rebellious Republicans behind his budget strategy, and divided the Democrats.

When the smoke cleared in the latest budgetary skirmish Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has dictatorially ignored previous House budgets, agreed to accept the GOP's limited debt ceiling suspension as is,...