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Piers Morgan Freaks Out, "Do You Want a Tank?"

Bufa Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 6:13 PM
Good. Whoopie is angry. That's shocker. Why are the POS in chiefs children more important than anybody elses? Why do the elites in DC have armed guards for their children but fight the idea that the rest of us don't need them? Is it their kids being slaughtered at school? No. I wonder why? Can any of you useless idiots answer that question? How about it wewilltakeyourgunsretard?

Last night St. Louis radio host Dana Loesch went on CNN to "debate" Piers Morgan about gun control. The problem? Every single time Morgan asked her a question, he rudely interrupted her answer and went on an anti-gun tirade. At the end of the segment, Morgan got so angry that he crumpled a piece of paper and threw it across the desk. Just this week, Loesch explained to Morgan that an AR-15 uses .223 ammo after he said AT-15 rifles use .233 ammo.

"Do you want a tank? DO YOU WANT A TANK?!"


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