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Watch the lttle darlings flock to the private sector in droves once the gravy train starts to dry up for them. But, there won't be anything there.
Sorry dipshiit. No one with three kids has to raise them on 7 bucks a hour. State and federal help pays them more per month than many people earn. Just another false, useless idiot argument that has no truth in it.
Wrong. They don't exist unless funded by the private sector. When they pay their tax bill it is still private sector money.
I should have used useless I suppose.
Just look what happens when a natural disaster happens. In a liberal area, everyone is crying for someone to come help them. In a conservative area, everyone joins together and gets things taken care of. It's the mindset difference between whinny libs and commonsense cons.
Dipshiit speaks. They exist on tax dollars only moron. If it wasn't for the efforts of others they couldn't even feed themselves. God you useful idiots are stupid.
And the only ones that benefitted from that was the evil rich. Everyone else was reduced to dumpster diving and eating dead rats. No really.
How many of these clowns would be able to hold a job in the private sector with the results they get from their efforts? They couldn't.
And the taxcuts created record,revenues. Poor stupid little thing.
Have you ever used spell check?
Security on floor seven ASAP please. Winnie is loose again.
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