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It's a good thing Barry didn't know anything about this. He would be in real trouble. Well.........probably not.
Saw this crapola coming before the 08 elections. I must be a really smart dude.
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Hillary's Benghazi Scapegoat

Bufa Wrote: May 21, 2013 10:48 AM
You brainless idiots have to be so proud of what you have done to this country by shoving your heads up your own rear ends and pulling the election lever for these pure,angelic, reps you idiots vote for. Nice job.
You beat me to it. See redundant post above.
You beat me to it. See redundant post above.
AO puts up another childish,obviously brainwashed post about bankers,investors and such with the rampet fleecing of the rest of us, yet his hero has been in charge for 5 years now and can anyone guess how many of those fleecing crooks have been prosecuted by the current POS in chief and his corrupt AG? If you are counting with your fingers you need not raise even one. Grow up AO. Your thinking skills are in line with a naive collage freshman.
Here's a idea. How about we enforce our current immigration laws while we devise some new ones? If the new ones are really truly needed, which I doubt.
Go back to school for another four years of brainwashing. Do it on your own dime this time though. The money is needed to support all the illegals and the freebees we give them. We can't afford both.
There is none. But leftist idiots are fine with it as long as what they believe in is being implemented.
Imagine that. Leftists idiots waking up to the damage they cause after the fact. This is a first that one actually admits they are at fault. It is a start.
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