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glad to hear you're getting out of the Blue States!
nah...Democrats turn a blind eye to PETA, and the Humane Society when they toss euthanized animals in the dumpster too
still waiting on Swine to link us to those National News outlets that have highlighted the gruesome facts of this trial. The only mention on the Nighlys, was one single 15 second gloat that some of the charges had been dropped by the judge.
no doubt, somebody would have gotten themselves a ride on AF-1 if they had the goods on Gun fanatic Gosnell
the Jeopardy song is still playing....... "I'll take Lying Swine for $50, Alex"
and this was a black "doctor" giving preferential treatment to white clients, while minorities got filth and untrained assistants administering treatments
who watches FOX? Too Liberal for my taste
then you should have no problem linking us to all of those front page and national bylines on this trial
and most all of the 30 were present and being spead at Occupy Stink-fests all over the country
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