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The Rule of Law

budparker Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 5:01 AM
I wish I had confidence that the vote count would be the only thing our Federal Government did that was not manipulated to suit the fancy of the District of Criminals (DC). I believe recent years history show just how susceptible our voting process truly is. I'm trying to think of a few cases of persons indicted, tried, convicted and incarcerated for voter fraud.

The greatest distinguishing factor between countries in which there is some freedom and those where authoritarian governments manage personal behavior is the Rule of Law. The idea that the very laws that the government is charged with enforcing could restrain the government itself is uniquely Western and was accepted with near unanimity at the time of the creation of the American Republic. Without that concept underlying the exercise of governmental power, there is little hope for freedom.

The Rule of Law is a three-legged stool on which freedom sits. The first leg requires that all laws be enacted in advance...