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Could someone list the number of conflicts US Forces have engaged in since WW2 and how many of them resulted in defeating the enemy? It would be a mighty short list. Seemingly, warfare is first and foremost a vehicle for profit making. Winning? Winning what?
in 1967 the House held a hearing to articulate what a "natural born citizen" actually means. It is all in the Congressional Record. Obama does not meet that criteria. He should be arrested, indicted, tried and convicted; then imprisoned. Of course, the many, many co-conspirators in his being installed in the White House should have the same process applied to them.
I wonder how many people have been found in "Contempt of Congress?" Were any of them punished for that act of contempt? Probably not.
Jesse should read this article: It illustrates how the real world actually works.
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The Assault on Food

budparker Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 12:16 AM
Another and more insidious example of this is the "D" part of FDA. Our government decides what medicines and procedures you have undergo on your quest to health and survival. I think there is an incestuous relationship between the Food & Drug Administration and the Pharmaceutical Industry. Big Medicine makes Big Bucks from folks with health dilemmas. It seems as though there is far more money to be made by treating disease, rather than curing disease. If they can sell you med's for the rest of your life rather that curing the disease process, they make more money. Simple, actually. When was the last time you heard of a cure for cancer, Diabetes, or other medical conundrum? Prolonging life (clients) is more lucrative than a cure.
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Sigh: DWS' Lie of the Day

budparker Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 9:04 PM
In the political arena if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.
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Soros and Obama vs. Sheriff Joe Arpaio

budparker Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 3:59 AM
Speaking of the TV Networks obvious bias, why not email or call those companies that advertize on those networks and say you will boycott their products and services until they stop buying time on that network? Then, of course, actually stop using that advertisers products to hurt them in the only thing they understand; their pocketbook. What is DHS/ICE preparing for with this type of "Law Enforcement" vehicle? Does this go with the 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammo they just ordered too? (That's ultra high performance optimum penetration for terminal performance rounds from Defense contractors ATK).
Look, I'm just a old retired Army guy, but I can assure you that the military will NOT fire on the citizens of this Nation. Your sons and daughters, friends and neighbors are not that stupid, or brainwashed. But, now you know why Obama wants a civil force just as big, just as strong as the military. Maybe the illegal immigrants would do it. Maybe the UN would do it.
Here is a better question: What if tens of millions of regular Americans took a 3-day weekend, all at the same time, and visited Washington. No riots, no marches, no speeches. Simply go visit the Nation's Capitol as tourists. Smile, eat lunch, visit your Congressman. Smile, be happy. The difference would be the sheer numbers of "Happy Americans." Congressional offices would be packed like sardine cans and unnavigable to the occupants. Streets would be clogged with cars. The Media would simply have to report it. What the hell are all of these happy people doing in Washington? This would be the only polite wake-up call for those supposedly representatives of the People. Next time we come it will be different.
Perhaps you could translate that. I do not understand your point.
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