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Mangina Corps...the few, the proud, the lapdogs. You're a were sold a bill of goods. If you were drafted my condolences. If you signed up my condolences. You were a pawn and the worst part it is you don't even know it or won't admit it. Sad.
Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom are 2 horns on the same goat.
You would know.
Christianity has nothing to do w/ football or any sport. Jesus would play safety and take someones head off going over the middle or advocate Christians to do the same? It's the devils work..not to mention that demonic dance of his. I'm not perfect, far from it, I suited up at 1 x. This is what I believe. May God be w/ you.
Hey false prophet..uncle tom is uncle sams bi*tch but you're not playin w/ a full deck, mma, you name stupid...not playing football or any sport does not make someone a wuss. you're the wuss for playing games instead of doing Gods work and things that matter.
BUCK O------>your wife called...she wants you to pick up a pizza and rub her feet when you get home.
Ray Lewis bad guy in a bad game. Tim Tebow is a good guy in a bad game.
Ray Lewis is a false prophet.
Mangina marine...Uncle Tom is Uncle Sams bi*tch..but you're pawn being used all the same.
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That's because they prefer you die's a good deal for them and a bad deal for you. That's why you don't join ranks until all hands are on deck and everybody has skin the game in some capacity. Until then you're just a pawn being used. Just the facts..not to be rude. If you were drafted my condolences. If you signed up my condolences.
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