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Romney won't release his tax returns. He probably DID pay all the taxes he legally owes, but the American People won't react well to the fact that that is probably about 12%. Romney is a victim of the fact that the rich DO, in fact, pay far less as a percentage of their wealth, and FAR FAR less as a percentage of the wealth they accumulate relative to the rest of the country, than middle and lower class people. This is, to Romney's detriment, a simple fact that works heavily against him and the President knows this. So of COURSE they're using this very relevant fact against Romney, and there's not a damn thing Romney can do about it. The system works.
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Harlem Then and Now

BuddyChrist Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 11:16 PM
I'm way down in TriBeCa, but I get up to East Harlem a lot, as I'm a working musician in many of the clubs up there. Loung 108, Taino Towers, and the now defunct Fonda Boriqua. The people there are like family. Good folks who watch out for each other. I like it a lot.
You create debt when the economy requires it. It's like eating into your savings for a while when you've lost your job. But you're supposed to HAVE savings; while you're working,myoure supposed to put aside money. As Clinton did. But unfounately, Baby Bush spent it all on revenue-negative tax cuts and wars. And that's how THAT happened.
Are you under the impression that a dog humping the leg of a consenting adult is ILLEGAL?
Yeah, the Klan tends to get marginalized.
Per capita? Not confined to its own citizens? Capitalism.
Why is taking Chinese money, as opposed to corporate money, treasonous?
Sweet bleeding Jesus, you're retarded. You were in the navy in "Nam", so you can vouch for the fact that Kerry is a traitor? What are you, twelve? Just quit while you're behind. You're embarrassing yourself.
Jesus, you're a child.
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