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I've been to Cuba. Enjoyed myself immensely. The people have a spirit of life, dance, and music that is largely absent here.
...actually, this IS the same monotonous story of the Miami Cuban's version of Che, replete with the same anecdotes, same quotes, same stories. Good God, Humbert, you suck as a writer.
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Ratio Christi

BuddyChrist Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 10:21 PM
So your case for God is that there are things beyond the realm of human comprehension? Sounds like a case for Agnosticism to me.
Unlike W, by being elected.
Dear god,this guy is an idiot.
No hyperbole here, that's for sure.
Yes, capital gains does tend to round off at about that. But that, too, doesn't sit well w/most people. And why should it? Why should a Mitt or a Warren pay less on passive income like that when a factory worker (the three that are left, anyway) pays more for all that sweat? If you believe in trickle down it makes sense. If you don't, it's a pile of horseshitTttt
Dude: We may disagree politically, but you're killing me, and I'll tell you why: I live in Manhattan; have been here for 11 years now. I love it, but I've got no outdoor space and can't grill. Before here I lived in DC and had a nice little row house with a backyard and used to grill almost every night. I'm dreaming of some nice swordfish steaks, with a quick lemon/olive oil marinade, some freshly ground pepper, a Bombay Sapphire martini aperitif and a nice cucumber/tomato salad. Dammit.
If you think an idiot like West, or the Tea Party lunatics, are the answer to Romney's problem you need to put down that glass pipe you're smoking from and get some help.
It's July where you are?
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