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Touchy Topics

Bud196 Wrote: Sep 04, 2013 11:35 AM
"Touchy Topics," Walter Williams. But the real issue for the Sacred First Amendment is the sanctity of Islam. Muslims I know are all in favor of the First, but will demand one change: insulting Islam must be written into our Constitution in complete agreement with Sharia. Read the Sharia and weep!
Background checks: A waste of time. It is an advantage to check gun purchases at dealers and gun shows. We do it now. But to demand a check of all guns is functionally impossible. Privately owned guns are not registered, and there is no tracing method. They are traded and sold privately, and there is no legal mechanism to identify or follow them. The law, regardless of how strongly written, can not be enforced. But it can be made a dangerous nuisance, and waste a lot of Federal moneys that could be used to enforce other laws.
The one third rule is not science. Believe in science, and not old wives' tales.
The end of the downturn is in the hands of the small entrepreneurs. Those who make up to $250,000 dollars. Their spending on product and service produces profits (evil word). With this profit made by hiring people to produce product and services, the downturn can be reduced and turned around. The prospects for profits, with the increasing Government control of these businesses, are reduced to the point that many will not invest, or will invest only to the point that they can be well assured of a return on investment. The downturn will be reversed by the multitude of small businesses. Nothing else.
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Theater of War

Bud196 Wrote: May 04, 2012 11:48 AM
Battle the Islamic Jehadis. Yea, unto their death. The unspoken fact is that the many Jehadi nations have been sacrificing the second son of their third wife to the cause. Go to Yemen. Learn how to blow yourself up to take out the Yanqui invaders, then do it! Go to heaven and be given 72 Virgins And A House. And on they came, and more and more and more: until less and less. We have been fighting these kids since we invaded Iraq. After a while, even the Vision of Utopia-Over There gets old. Now where do we go? Our very future depends on the answer.
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Fighting the Last War

Bud196 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 11:03 AM
Ann Coulter: Fighting the Last War We are not fighting the last war: we are fighting violent Islamic Jehad, and have been since 1946 when I was in the South Philippines and came to understand, being a "dhimi," and a man of "the book," that these people wanted to kill me. I survived. Will a too liberal minded Western Civilization survive? Look carefully at what is happening!
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Obama: Pick Me or the Oil Companies

Bud196 Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 5:26 PM
I will say this again and again. The solution to global warming is a technical, not a political issue. The Greens grab some small part of the issue, and call for an immediate fix to what ever scares them. The politicians fall in line, and fund the effort that anyone thoroughly trained in the problem knows is a waste of time, and bound to fail. Global warming has been coming on for 10,000 years, and is real. A very large part of the problem is not blocked sunlight radiating back into space, the un-addressed part of the problem is the fact that civilization is dumping its waste in the "back yard," and going merrily along making and consuming what should be recycled or not produced at all! We are told by the scientific community that all...
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