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Romney's in a Sweet Spot if . . .

bucs68 Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 8:03 AM
Romney will NEVER unite the Christians, conservatives, and the evangelicals because he is at heart a LIBERAL. If you will notice he always says, "I'm running as a conservative." He never says I am a conservative. This a is a very subtle use of the word conservative. We have a man in the presidency that is also very clever in the use of words. Beware of people who can manipulate the language to serve their purpose only!!!

If the Supreme Court overthrows the individual mandate, doesn’t Mitt Romney say “I told you so” and emerge as the big political winner?

All along he’s been arguing that only states have mandate power, and that the federal government under the commerce clause, or any other law, is guilty of massive regulatory overreach with Obamacare.

While fending off criticism from Rick Santorum and others about the Massachusetts mandate, Romney has always said it was a state issue, not a federal one. And if the Supreme Court agrees, it would have to give the former governor a leg up in credibility with Republicans...