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Um: 49% of Republicans Think the 2012 Election Was Stolen?

Buck O Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 10:14 AM
@ rusty_trumpet Ha! I've seen THAT trick before...if I click on those links they'll probably take me to a porn site or something... LibTroll POS...
rusty_angel Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 10:27 AM
Did you notice the name of the article? So is the Townhall author a liberal troll as well?
rusty_angel Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 10:26 AM
You can't be this f*cking stupid..can you? Let's link to some popular conservative blogs then. And it's rusty_angel you illiterate f*cking moron.

How about some townhall links - since you're currently on the site you're not going to claim it's a porn site, are you?

Obama receives 99% of the vote in Philly:

Obama receives more votes than registered voters:

Over 100,000 military votes not counted:

Yes, we lost. But I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to say that ACORN stole the election, do you?

PPP's first post election national poll finds that Republicans are taking the results pretty hard...and also declining in numbers.

49% of GOP voters nationally say they think that ACORN stole the election for President Obama. We found that 52% of Republicans thought that ACORN stole the 2008 election for Obama, so this is a modest decline, but perhaps smaller than might have been expected given that ACORN doesn't exist anymore.

Some GOP voters are so unhappy with the...