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One Reformer’s Heroic Story to Save America’s Public School Children

Buck O Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 3:37 PM
It's called the "free market." It produces better products than government does. As for troublemaking students, they can do it the school's way or the highway. If they don't want to be educated, they can go back to public schools and face the consequences when they grow up.

Michelle Rhee is a lifelong Democrat and education reformer who has recently come out in support of school vouchers. Writing in the Daily Beast a few days ago, she explained the prevailing reason for her change of heart: Her countless (and at times) heartbreaking interactions with devastated parents coping with the realization that their child would be stuck in a failing school -- forever. And the feeling that there was nothing she could do for them:

After my listening tour of families, and hearing so many parents plead for an immediate solution to their desire for a quality education,...