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Media Again Smears the “Violent” Tea Party

Buck O Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 6:05 PM
Bozo spews, "Actually, I am trying to keep you clowns from turning our country into Somalia." America will never be Somalia. That could only happen in your deluded mind. America will also never be Europe, no matter how hard you try.
AmericanLiberal Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 6:07 PM
The veneer of civilization is very thin. It is very easy for this fragile reed to give way and mankind revert back to the law of the jungle. Conservatives are supposed to know this, and time was when they did. But American conservatives today are radicals--not conservative at all.

So, yeah, never say never, chump. Stranger things have happened than America becoming Somalia.
Mike ATX Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 6:10 PM
Cite of those strange examples please...
USMC0311 Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 6:19 PM
the thin veneer of civilization is DESTROYED by progressivism, it is tyrants stealing power and Liberty while cowards like anti-American traitor aids and abets them

The facts surrounding the horrific shooting today in Aurora, Colorado are still coming in, but one thing is clear: the mainstream media is still hell bent on linking the Tea Party to violent occurrences as much as possible, with zero evidence to prove it.

Earlier, ABC News’ Brian Ross linked the Tea Party to the shooting by pointing out “there is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado on the Colorado Tea Party site talking about joining the Tea Party last year. Now we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes, but it is a Jim...