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Ben Carson Owes No Apologies

Buck O Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 11:12 AM
Regressives ARE "the most gullible people on earth," and thanks for admitting it. "I picture an unhappy woman with an unhappy life who doesn't have much of an impact on anyone, so she makes up outrageous stories about a boyfriend who's Muslim."

According to Cal Thomas, well-known nationally syndicated columnist, Dr. Ben Carson owes President Obama an apology.

Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC this past week – a bi-partisan annual event held since 1953, attended by members of Congress and usually the President.

President and Mrs. Obama were present this year and Thomas feels that Dr. Carson was out of line for including in his remarks comments about areas considered public policy – our national debt, our tax system, our publics schools, and health care.

According to Thomas: “Our politics have become so polarized and corrupted...