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Strike Three: Cutter Lies Again About 'Cancer' Ad

buckeye8 Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 5:17 PM
They have no shame. Presumably their parents are proud of raising such accomplished lying sacks of . . . sorry, I just so disgusted with those psycopathic liars, I get carried away.

Let's review the timeline, shall we?  After the Obama campaign pioneered a nasty and non-factual attack linking Mitt Romney to the death of a cancer-stricken woman, the president's officially-endorsed SuperPAC (operated by a former White House spokesman) repeated the transcendently false story in a television ad.  The spot is running in swing-states as part of a $20 million buy.  Despite universal criticism from media outlets and fact-checkers, the Obama campaign refused to condemn the hit, as numerous surrogates denied knowledge of -- and ducked responsibility for -- the smear.  Chief among the...