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Just as there are NO, NO, NO moderate Muslims. I don't care what anyone says.
She probably hasn't had time to read the obamacare bill, so your question is obnoxious.
And if you question her actions, you are 'obnoxious'. I think a lot of 'obnoxious' voters are going to turn out in 2014. That's the way to run a campaign - insult everyone who asks you a tough question. And don't answer the question.
Now it's 'obnoxious' to ask a Dem candidate why they support Obama? Even for liberals, that's a bit silly.
Libs are slow learners, apparently.
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Global Warmist, Heal Thyself

buckeye8 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 9:32 AM
All I really needed to know is that recently Al Gore purchased a $6 million OCEANFRONT estate. Enough said.
Oh they exist. If nowhere else, the NSA has copies. If any 'low level' IT folks had the power to do any of these deletes, they will be first one sent to prison for life, and I seriously doubt if all of them are ready to take the hit for the Administration's law-breaking.
You forgot the 'sarc' tag.
It's time bring Lerner up on charges, lock up her bank accounts with the obama buy-off money in them, and send her away for a long long time. If she talks, she can escape the death sentence that most traitors earn.
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