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Yes, the libs are touting '10 million' on one site. They get up in the morning and throw a dart at a target, whatever number it lands on is the one they will claim for that day. It's a lot like the way the number of 'uninsured' changed varied from 12 - 30 million depending on who was doing the telling. If a lib quoted a figure, it depended on what day of the week it was. My major complaint is the fact the the GOP hasn't done more to publicize the bills they have passed and send to the Senate to end up in Reid's round file that addressed each and every one of the existing problems with health care insurance - none of which obamacare fixes. Well, keeping 'children' on theri parent's policy until they are 26 is sort of a fix, but if the parent can't afford obamacare in the first place, and the kid (young adult) doesn't want to throw his money away on something he thinks he will never need (and probably won't), that 'fix' becomes just south of meaningless.
Gosh, 7 grand. That would be less than the $13,000 obamacare quoted my husband - $600/month + $6000 deductible. So if you SAVED that money for 3 years, you would have more than enough put away to cover the entire cost - and if you told the hospital you didn't have health care insurance, that cost would be less. Sorry, but what most intelligent people are going to take away from your comment is that you are throwing away your money - unless of course you are so subsidized that the rest of us are paying for your health care premiums, in which case I salute you for the leech that you are.
Made the mistake of reading comments on the Washington Post site where libs are claiming that when Republicans tell all those 'happy obamacare signups' that their obamacare is going to be taken away, they will lose in November. On the other hand - i just listened to Graham agree with the Fox host that the Republicans should be announcing some kind of an 'outline' of the health care corrections they want to make. DOesn't he know that every issue he mentioned has already been passed in the House and has been dead-lettered by Reid in the Senate? I couldn't believe my ears.
This is a man whose emails are printed out and hard copies handed to him to read.
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For First Lady, Too Much Is Not Enough

buckeye8 Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 5:02 PM
If she is giving public speeches expressing the WH stand on issues, then it is a diplomatic visit. If it is a diplomatic visit, the press should be allowed to cover it. Having it both ways and loving it - movin' on up! (these people are disgusting.)
Oh, the wailing and knashing of teeth will be something to see and I fervently hope that we will get the opportunity.
I suspect that liberal organzations had a wake-up call when they realized that President Cruz could turn their oppression back onto them.
I think he has some sort of mental impairment going on - a good sign that it's time to retire.
Hey, he has to go to Happy Hour! Don't expect him to worry about Russia's invasion of the Ukraine or Putin's plans to surround the US with Russian military bases from South America to Cuba. He has to go to Happy Hour with the DNC! He has his priorities!
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