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Has Obama Called Bibi's Bluff?

Buckeye4Constitution Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 7:15 AM
Hey as long as it is you and your family and not me and mine, OK. The Constitution does not need to be defended from Iran. It does need to be defended from idiots who want to rush into wars that shouldn't be fought (Iraq) and stay about 13 years longer fighting others than what was called for (Afghanistan). If my brother dies or is injured defending the Constitution against a direct foreign or domestic enemy, so be it. The only enemies I see here are the bellicose John McCain and Lindsay Graham types who want to start war with everybody and anybody.

What is Bibi Netanyahu up to?

With all his warnings of Iran's "nuclear capability," of red lines being crossed, of "breakout," of the international community failing in its duty, of an "existential threat" to Israel, what is the prime minister's game?

The answer is apparent. Bibi wants Iran's nuclear program shut down, all enrichment ended, all enriched uranium removed and guarantees that Iran will never again start up a nuclear program.

And if Tehran refuses to surrender its right even to a peaceful nuclear program, he wants its nuclear facilities, especially the enrichment facility at Fordow, deep inside...