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It's easy to support the death penalty when you let others do your dirty work.
Out of are an enigma.
Does "militia" refer to individuals, or to an organized group?
Some of us have better things to do (e.g., work) so we don't have time to monitor and contribute to an emerging thread of comments. You have no understanding of psychopathy.
Speed limits are not government overreach. The freedom you imply is that to disregard the safety of others. This would make you a psychopath.
Sell arms to both sides and let them have at it. This is getting to be boring.
Sorry. But, if one organizes one's time well, speeding is unnecessary. In fact, it's psychopathic.
Why is he driving a vehicle without a working speedometer? He needs to judge his speed in relation to other drivers?!? I like to call jackwads like this "Public Transportation riders".
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