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Eric Holder was a dangerous jacka$$ 20 years ago at Main Justice. Nothing has happened that would indicate he's any less dangerous or any less a jacka$$. Justice should concentrate on enforcing existing law and stop trying to legislate.
Yee was just trying to inflate prices for his black market arms.
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BEWARE: No-Knock SWAT Attacks

Buckaroo2 Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 5:55 PM
There are no longer any Federal "No-Knock" warrants and it's difficult to get a night-time search authorization. The "No-Knock" warrants are all issued by state courts in the states that allow them. In most instances, the district attorney and the judge are immune from suit.
The Assistant US Attorney should have thrown the agent out of her office.
I have said for years that the regulatory functions of ATF need to be returned to the treasury Dept., where they belong, and the enforcement responsibilities need to be transferred to the Bureau, where there is some semblance of adult supervision.
Look around you. There next to no poor people in this country. Households well below the poverty level have much more "stuff" than my family had in the 1950s and '60s and we weren't "poor" by anyone's definition.
I said for years that, if I had wanted to dress like an adult, I wouldn't have become a narcotics agent.
The fallacy of the ACA is that more government intervention will reduce costs. The reason medical care is so expensive is that, because insurance covers EVERYTHING, no one knows what anything costs and there's no competition in medical care and very little in health insurance. It's no accident that the two areas of medicine where costs have come down are plastic surgery and laser eye surgery, neither of which is covered by health insurance.
Gridlock in Washington is a GOOD thing. Unless they're finding laws to repeal, the less Congress does, the better. Now, we just need to put the brakes on the executive. As for the Tea Party, at least people are taking notice of what their government is doing. Perhaps it just needs rebranding.
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Another Galling Betrayal

Buckaroo2 Wrote: Feb 18, 2014 8:58 AM
Dr. Sowell is absolutely correct. the primary cause of the failure in both Iraq and Afghanistan has been the rush to return sovereignty. Neither country is capable of governing itself as a republic. The economic and social conditions encourage endemic corruption, particularly in Afghanistan, where a policeman is paid around $200/month. All that being said, one of the objectives in Afghanistan is the establishment of the rule of law. While it is unfortunate that these terrorists are being released, the fact remains that they are not prosecutable under Afghan law because there is no useable evidence against them, for whatever reason.
"I take the Constitution very seriously." Really? It must be hard to teach constitutional law without having ever read the Constitution.
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