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The word for that isn't corporatism, the word is fascism.
Apparently, it's someone named Mike Dickinson.
This rocks!! I'm so tired of Cantor's mealy-mouthed faux-conservatism. Is there a Democratic candidate in District 07? I can't find one.
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Don't Do Stupid, er, Stuff

Buckaroo2 Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 12:13 PM
Apparently, the administration is incapable of discerning what constitutes stupid [stuff]. What passes for foreign policy is an unbroken string of bonehead decisions and bonehead ideas. I was under the impression that there was no foreign policy at all.
Bear in mind that the Obamanator ran on closing Gitmo. Unfortunately, that involves figuring out what to do with the current residents, many of whom are not welcome in their own countries and who Congress won't allow on the US mainland. Here's five who are no longer a problem. I'm curious what the bribe to the Qataris was.
This is what government-run healthcare looks like. Get used to it.
This problem is endemic and has been since the end of the Vietnam War. The Senate needs to move on the House legislation to make it easier to hold delinquent employees accountable. That needs to be extended to the government as a whole.
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A Man of Sterling Character

Buckaroo2 Wrote: May 01, 2014 7:53 AM
Sterling is an a$$, but he's neither the first or only a$$ with money. The amazing thing is that this is getting any coverage whatever. He owns a basketball team; who cares?
This was kind of a no-brainer. Ethanol, especially when you factor in transportation costs requires more energy to make than burning it produces, never mind the water required and the stupidity of diverting food to energy production. The brainiacs who came up with this nonsense seem to have never considered the possible unintended consequences.
Eric Holder was a dangerous jacka$$ 20 years ago at Main Justice. Nothing has happened that would indicate he's any less dangerous or any less a jacka$$. Justice should concentrate on enforcing existing law and stop trying to legislate.
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