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The Real GSA Scandal: Job-Killing Big Labor Payoffs

buck4 Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 8:51 AM
Let's get down to the real meat of what these UNELCTED BUREAUCRATS are doing. These UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS are the forefront of every law that we are all suffering from. I have a suggestion: why can't we do away with about 3/4 of these alphabet govt. agencies? Just think how much money we will save? And we may be able to get back our freedoms that we have lost, because of the laws that these people have shoved down our throats, without even any congressional oversight.

Stop the presses: Big-spending Democrats are finally up in arms over a federal boondoggle. Details of the U.S. General Services Administration bacchanalia get worse by the day. We've graduated from overpriced breakfasts in Vegas, friends-and-family junkets galore and in-house videos mocking their own profligacy to extravagant bonuses, alleged kickbacks, obstructionism and bribes.

But the scandal is still small potatoes compared to the potential billions GSA is pouring down the Big Labor drain.

Whistleblowers and an independent inspector general investigation estimate that the GSA's Sin City conference cost taxpayers an estimated $1 million in 2010. Washington bureaucrats squandered another...