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Washington DC has become the present day "BYZANTINE EMPIRE". That "EMPIRE" lasted for hundreds of years. In those times, only the "FAVORED FEW" were the beneficiaries of what ever the BYZANTINE EMPERORS chose to distribute the largesse. While the rest of the people were drained dry of everything. History will keep on repeating itself until the end times, I suppose.
Hello 1984. These people will always work under the radar, and when confronted, will deny everything. I do believe that we must take our children away from these "GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS" where we now know that the children are just going to be brain washed, in to believing that the "SOCIALISTS and COMMUNISTS way is the best way. Unless and until WE THE PEOPLE wake up to what they are intending to do, to us, through our children, this is what we'll be confronted with in the future.
Aren't these the same women who voted for OBAMA because he was going to give them all that "FREE" stuff? Now, not only will you get those "FREE" stuff, you'll also get a 'free' whistle", a "free" tellephone booth to hide in, a "free" advice in what to do in case of "RAPE", like urinating or vomiting or whatever else they come up with. But don't any of you be armed, because you may shoot an innocent when you are going through your PMS time. You can't be depended on. You know, you may be crazy at that time of the month. Hey all you "LADIES" that voted for OBAMA, SERVES YOU RIGHT
The only way companies in these states can survive is to re-locate to a more friendly business states. Now, the big problem is that when people in those "BLUE" states move to another state, because of the jobs, they bring their liberal politics with them, thus turning on the very states that provide them with jobs, into the states that they just left, because of the politics of that state. It happens every time. People from New York or Illinois leave those states, go to a conservative state for jobs, then, instead of changing their political stand, they change that state into the same liberal state that they left. It happens every time.
Well now, it appears that these women that voted for democrats are getting what they wanted. Along with getting their "FREE" contraceptives, and maybe "FREE" abortions, this government will protect them from rape by giving them "FREE" rape whistles, call boxes, and all kinds of advice what to do if someone wants to rape them, like urinating, up chucking, etc, etc, etc.and of course, not allowing them to conceal carry, because they cannot be trusted with a weapon, especially when they are suffering from PMS, because women can't really be trusted with a weapon when they are going through their PMS. They may just shoot an innocent. It serves these women right, for voting for these liberals, socialists and communists.
When people were taught the JUDEA-CHRISTIAN message in our schools were still prevelent, we had no problems with "GUN VIOLENCE". Today, whenever a student is not "CO_OPERATING" he or she is given a dose of psychotropic pills, just to keep them quiet. Then, when these same medication is removed, the person's mind is so bent. And, of course, we have these lamestream media "GLORY-FYING all these crimes, that also helps the crazies make a name for themselves.
Okay, we all know what's going on in our schools, but all we do is complain about it. We keep electing these people that are making all these stupid "RULES". We have one of two choices: 1) Start a nationwide homeschooling 2) Quit complaining and do as they say
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EBT Abuse: The Cash-for-Drunkards Program

buck4 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 8:10 AM
Name me anything tha a government does, that doesn't become a great big money grab?
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The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President

buck4 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:28 AM
That's the problem with having this piece of human excrement being in prison. Why didn't we just kill this monster after the trial? That would have been the end of it.
It's all about "POWER". The union just wants to show everyone how much "POWER": they have.
It's only a crime if a conservative does the threatening. Just like it only a crime if a conservative says what this Jamie Foxx said, in reverse of course
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