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Feminist Fantasies (the Latest)

Bubbalou Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 4:11 PM
Females in the USA have been on the affirmative action gravy train since 1980. They get promoted and receive every benefit available in our society simply because they are female, wothout regard to their merit. Highly qualified males are pushed aside in order to promote lesser qualified females. I am sick of hearing how tough it is to be a chick.

Certain feminists, like children discovering that certain words shock their mommies, like to talk dirty. Or at least naughty. Naomi Wolf climbs on this bandwagon once more with her eighth book, "Vagina: A New Biography." She joins aging shock jock ("jockette"?) Eve Ensler in shouting the word in a marketplace crowded with female monologues.

Wolfe, who helped Al Gore with his "earth tones" to make him more attractive to women in his presidential quest in 2000, imagines that she has grown up now and seeks to prove it by "liberating" a certain word in the female anatomy.

Contemporary feminism...