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No, I did not. I am also exponentially more intelligent than you are. So maybe you should read more and spare yourself the embarrassment when this man implodes.
Now you just look stupid and petty. It suits you.
This is a PDF document of the actual investigation, twit. The source of the document is not relevant unless you're a liberal seeking to dismiss the document because it makes you look stupid. So attack the messenger. Oldest lib trick in the book. God, you're stupid.
In these troubling times, he should be thankful to be employed.
It came with my magazine.."First Freedom". It usually comes with my VFW magazine.
Thank you for your service. Hopefully, you now see the criminality of your actions, and how lucky you were to avoid prison.
No, it's on this card with "We the people" on it and a partial photo of the Minuteman Statue.
The city provides enough subjects for conversation; let him confine his garrulity to these; and let him be aware that I shall be satisfied with the advice originating in camp.” Consul Lucius Aemilius 168 B.C.
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