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Ahhhhh !! bammmi mammmi the bearded clammmi has awoken from his drunken slumber This is the onliest place he kin git any attention All the kids in his trailer park beat him up His mammmi hates his guts, cuz he gives away her sexual proclivities She hasn't been able to get a light from a white, since nappy headed liddle bammmi wuz borned So, iguess we'll have to put up wid dis liddle POS 'till da cable company cuts off da internet agin'.
Go find yourself a Champion, kid I'll slap the livin' Dawgshit out of him in your name.
Every word he writes is plagiarized from someone else. He is a Nutcase Website VANDAL
Your Faith in senpar is in the Best of Spirits, I'm Sure But, This Idiot is making a fool of you.
PECOSPETE.38 Allow Me To Help Out ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ senpar is USC the sub human POS african loser who comes here to Trash This Website with nifty tricks he learned on a Soros Funded Website Vandalism Seminar. He posts, Comment - Reply - Reply, so as to push YOUR rebuttal UNDER THE 'MORE COMMENTS' BAR He doesn't Write Any of it Himself. He is Barely Literate and as you will see, as I hound him relentlessly, once I have tipped him off balance, he resorts to his native Ebonics. Just a Cheesy Ghetto Loser and Welfare Queen. USC posts (scroll down,please) several of these plagiarized screeds per page. This pushes dozens of YOUR comments OFF THE PAGE.
He's got a host of Demons For a 14 year old
C'mon rikker Aincha gonna make filthy sexual innuendos about Doug's Daughters ?
Roy is depressed and despondent He didn't get rolled by Ransom, this week. lolololol
Ya'll will be Overwhelmed on Nov 6. MAKES SENSE
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