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Our Idiot Vice President

btilley Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 12:51 PM
All the history books I've read and I've read a bunch, the real truths have not been revealed. While we are stuck on the Black issues, we own a huge debt to our American Indians, which, my history have never revealed. I doubt that the writers of today will ever have the courage to tell the American people the real truths. Good gravy, look at the cover ups the medias (all of them) do for the presiding White House Chief. It down right embarrassing and you know the rest of the world are laughing their fannies off.

If Vice President Joe Biden didn’t exist, you couldn’t invent him. You couldn’t invent him because no one would believe such a character possibly could exist. No Hollywood producer ever would believe someone that dumb could rise to that level without an “R” after his name.

But if someone did attempt to pitch a TV show with a character like Joe Biden, here is how it might go:

We’ve got this guy, and he’s an idiot. But he’s also vice president of the United States. Stay with me. He says things that are provably untrue, and he does...