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Yessir. You are right. If you go into interior or Mexico you had better have proper documentation, too. You can enter for up to 72 hours with minimal documentation, but don't plan on staying long. They'll put you in jail if they find you there without proper documentation from Mexico's Immigration Ministry. Of course, a little grease (say $50) can get you out of almost any problem you encounter with cops. It's Mexico!
I live down here in South Texas. There are many open gates that were left in the border wall when it was being built during the Bush administration. To my knowledge, there has been no construction since Obama has been in office. I cross the border quite frequently at Nuevo Progreso and the fence is there on the levy and there is NO GATE. I'll post a picture next time I go over. There's nothing new being shown here. It's been this way for years!
I taught in college for 40 years. I taught Marketing...most of the courses in that subject. On the first day of class I always introduced myself and told students about my family, my travels, and I told them that I was a Christian and a conservative Republican. I told them that we would not discuss religion or politics in the class unless it was relevant to the concepts under discussion. I kept my word. This so-called political science professor is simply a corrupt and lying idiot who should have his tenure revoked and he should be fired. Instead, the student will be blamed for having the audacity to document his unethical behavior and opinions.
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Obama Versus Obama: Part III

bthompson498 Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 4:24 PM
You're a troll! Go somewhere else.
I got a response back from the President's office at Brevard Community College where they told me that she (a tenured assistant professor) was on "leave without pay" for her violation of policy at this fine junior college. I wrote him and informed him of my outrage as a 40 year veteran of university professorship that anyone could so flagrantly violate a common policy.
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