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The Coming Christian Revolt

bsullivan848 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 8:43 AM
Certainly Matt any rational thinking person would associate the sniper in the tower as closer to some snapped tea party instigator than a progressive. As a reformed republican who voted for 2 bushes and a reagan yet since seeing the error of my ways supported Obama even as a life time Christian I feel the coming revolt from "Christians has already begun after we realized the repugs have named profit and greed over decency?
Hip Hip Hurrayyyy The hornets are just a buzzzzzzin
Lovin it, thugs can't deal w reality when the shoes on the other foot especially when their only goal in 6 years was to make President Obama a 1 term President? LMAO
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Illegals Walk In

bsullivan848 Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 8:52 AM
Just like all the other Me and Mine Repugs Scottie your true colors and compassion for humanity especially considering so many of these CHILDREN are threatened w DEATH. You must be so proud to deny humanity w basic necessities we ALL take for granted? It's hard to put yourself in Another's shoes when You're's fit so nicely?
Oooh, now we have a Republican mouth piece attempting to criticize the Clintons for higher achievement? Hmm, sounds a little like the pot calling the kettle black?
Of course lets all cheer the refusal of birth control so we can continue down the road of "You've just gotta vote Republican or the Lefties will continue aborting a llllll those Babies?
Oh where was Mountain Rose when the great GWB was busy running up 11.7 trillion and counting in deficit and exploiting several of our MAIN Job Creating industries for the payment of his 2 never-ending wars leaving us w the Great Recession? I'll bet you where CASHING IN? ANd I'll venture another guess on now your Screaming for Austerity? lol
When politicians are the center of their own universe they find it difficult see the rest of us? You mean like when GWB ran up 11.7 trillion $$$$$$$$$$$$$deficit and exploited housing during sub prime, stated income, cheap money, as Alan Greenspan responded "I don't see a housing bubble" and the Texas oil man accommodated gasoline prices to the highest level in our history as the Nation slipped into our Great Recession? That kind of disconnect ?
Ah yes and the same ones continue filling their pockets of the proceeds of high interest credit cards as they fly around on their frequent flyer miles and "Volunteer"? Ha
I feel it will be some time before Americans and the world forgets who was at the helm of the Greatest financial sub prime, deregulation economy for many more years to come and just now under Obama BHParibas european banking is finally being brought to task for allowing all the free loaders for hiding their tax responsibility w the help of these crooked bankster's? Oh yea you got more to worry about than Hillary. Lol
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