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More Obamacare Failure

BSsifter Wrote: Apr 18, 2014 7:21 AM
John Q is obviously a paid Soros lapdog. Considering 5 million of these 8 million had insurance already and were FORCED too sign up, he is being disingenuous at best. How many of those remaining 3 million actually signed up for medicaid, John Q? You are a lying, fact hiding piece of sheet. You wonder how these lackeys are always one of the first to post. Hope they pay you well to spread lies across a website you know you would never be in if you weren't being paid to do so. Moron.
You mean the rights of the dead female babies she supports killing?
Sebilius? Is that you? is this your new gig?
No capitals and no commas, yet you criticize someone about proofreading? Moron.
Kind of like Colorado, who is swirling down the drain of progism. Amazing how these libs move away from California, after they have ruined it, then move to another state in protest, then try to ruin that state in the same way. Kind of like cockroaches.
For these a__hats in DC to be controlling these lands hundreds of miles from them and thinking they know better than the people who live on and near these lands is the height of hubris. How in the hell were they ever allowed to just confiscate millions on miles of land to begin with? SCOTUS should be looking at this all over again. Oh....well maybe that is not a good idea, because John Roberts might pull some hair-brained, twisted reasoning out of his a__ again to justify it.
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Holder's Race Card

BSsifter Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 6:55 AM
Good read, except: "It's a fair point that conservatives should be more conspicuously concerned about racism." Really, Johah? Maybe cite some examples? Holder is just another race-baiter. When he refused to prosecute "his own people" early in his tenure, that should have been enough for him to be railroaded out of a job.
Like the names of every one of these BLM thugs who had guns pointed at these Americans. The names of the ones that tased these Americans. Shame them. Find out where they live and flood their neighborhood with peaceful protesters. Make any future thug think twice about taking orders to bully fellow Americans in the name of the Federal Government.
Liberal foreign policy has always been like their domestic policy, some kind of utopia that everyone MUST agree with. The last demoncrat that had any kind of successful foreign policy was FDR. Although he wrecked the domestic economy, he did stand strong for US interests once we were dragged kicking and screaming into WWII. They are never held accountable for their idiocy when it comes to foreign policy. Look at Shillery Clinton. Everything she did as SOS was a disaster, yet the media and certainly the brain-dead populace thinks she was great at her job. All we had to do was flood Crimea with all the military might we already have in Europe and call Putin's bluff. And where is Europe in all this? A bunch of spineless wimps who have not learned from either of the prior world wars on how to show any kind of strength against these communist thugs. I see Russia taking back all their previous borders they had before Reagan called their bluff and made them collapse. Their economy is as weak now as it was then. Every American who voted for this empty suit should be ashamed of themselves.
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Statistical Frauds

BSsifter Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 5:44 AM
Sorry, just reread and saw I misinterpreted your post. Didn't read through the sarcasm. My apologies!
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