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And Life.
That certainly sounds like the home of a member of the one percent. I think it should be liberated by the Occupy folks and given back to the people. The ones that really built it.
I must see the break down of that bill. Couldn't Joe spend the night at the embassy? Don't they have Motel 6's in that part of the world? A half a mil! That's a lot of cheddar,even for a rat like Joe.
I'm afraid the problem with that is it was already tried under Jim Crow. Who makes up the test? Would you trust the Obama DOJ to create the test? I don't think I would.
"Other people might be killed " That doesn't seem to be a concern when it comes to drone sites.
I know. I ask that same question every time he opens his mouth. He doesn't seem smart enough to manage a rural paper route. So how did he make his money? I'm going to find out.
How about building a wall around the entire city. By keeping entrances to a minimum and having armed guns at every gate, every individual and vehicle can be searched. As for the lake have all the beaches patrolled and establish a Chicago Coast Guard to deploy gun boats on the lake. I'm sure the new Secretary of State Kerry would be more than happy to offer assistance; based upon his swift boat experience.
Why have cocaine prices been stable for 30 years ? What unseen hand is at work here?
Al...Al...Al. How many times do you have to be told to wait one FULL hour after taking your meds before you talk in public?
Good post. It would be hard to make an apple to apple comparison between USA and Canada. As it would with the USA and Mexico. Mexico has no restrictions on gun ownership;per se. As long as the type of gun you want is not used by the Federals;and as long as you buy it in an approved gun store. The only approved store is in Mexico City. However as long as the ATF is willing to "walk" guns for the cartels it's all good
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