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He just needs to let it go. Help this town heal and put an end to the violent protests instead of throwing more fuel on the fire. Sick and tired of these race baiters like Holder, Obama, and Al Sharpton. You morons are not helping anyone. Stop playing effing politics with people lives.
Well if Obama's race baiting friends like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder didn't go to Ferguson and make things worse then the protests would not be this bad. You would never have this outrage if a white cop killed a white kid would you? NO. You would never have this outrage if a black cop killed a black kid would you? NO. It's always about racism no matter what actually happens and it gets blown out of proportion.
He has great ideas especially in the medical field and health insurance, but what does he know about improving the economy or foreign affairs for example? His view on the 2nd Amendment is a deal breaker for me. He believes there should be different rules for owning guns in the suburbs compared to the inner cities. I'm sorry the 2nd Amendment is a right of the People no matter where you live. Shall Not Be Infringed.
Since when do we have a constitutional right of safety? These people don't even know the laws like that one woman. To own a gun you have to pass a background check and be mentally stable already. That one lady at the end talks about back in the day, but nobody makes no mention of criminals, rapists, car jackers, gang members, and murderers that we need to be able to protect ourselves from.
Firearm related homicides down 39%. Nonfatal firearm crimes down 69%.
Woohoo! As a Georgian this is a great day for freedom and gun rights. All this talk about "more guns will lead to more crime" is absolute BS. Gun crime has been decreasing since 1993. This is from the Dept of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics. http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?iid=4616&ty=pbdetail
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Must-see TV: The Obama Workout Video

bsilsbee Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 6:58 PM
Needs Eye Of The Tiger soundtrack then it would be priceless! :-)
I guess he got tired of having to avoid questions, covering up for Obama, and tell all those lies and BS.
Um criminals and gang members are buying their guns at stores. They can't pass the background checks and they know it. They are getting their guns illegally already anyway. This video surveillance does nothing but spy on legal law abiding gun owners.
Harry Reid is the PRIMARY reason there is a gridlock in Congress and nothing gets done. Obama is acting like a dictator in the White House and Harry Reid acts like a dictator in the Senate.
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