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unions and labor laws have been the cudgel that racists still use for example as mentioned South Africa in the modern era. Unions today greatly restrict access to federal contracts through racist 30's labor laws
Which I find funny since it was the unions in the 30's who were used by the racists in this country as well as others(take a look at apartheid South Africa and it's labor unions) to keep blacks from good paying jobs.
No technology and the wealth to invest in that technology created the middle class. The value of labor increased as the technology increased to back it. A guy moving goods around a warehouse by hand does not create the same value of labor as a man driving a forklift. Did the unions create the forklift? No! Did the unions buy the forklift? No!
There are anti-smoking books from the Era of the American Civil War.
Sadly you might be right LOL!
Ahh yes I remember the line in Matthew I believe. " And the savior picked up his sword walked over to the shop keeper held it to his throat and said. Thou shalt pay for thee employees healthcare. The savior then moved to the other shops. For the unemployed the savior then took his sword to the throats of the rich taking their money and gave it to the Romans to provide healthcare. And all was good"
End of year bet that Buffet just made shifting from Rail to pipeline tech companies. Count on it be approved within a few months.
Oh fear not. At the end of the year Berkshire Hathaway invested in pipeline technology companies. Keystone will be approved soon. They will milk the enviros for another few months for campaign cash then to get the unions onboard and Buffets interests healthy approval will come.
Actually Clinton never had a surplus. That was a clever accounting gimic done by what is known as intra government holdings. basically the government borrowed money from itself. In all eight years of the Clinton the national debt was increased how can that happen since we pay all interest on the debt if there was a surplus?
More like Buffet is invfesting money to gain . Isn't it funny that Oil the Keystone Pipline would have carried now will be transported via Freight rail of which a certain Investment Firm has invested heavily.
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