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The Appeaser Re-appeases

Bryan55 Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 10:40 AM
I'd like to know the news from a Crimean perspective. If they really prefer Russia to Ukraine, I'd say that Putin was right. What would we do if Baja, Ca. requested our protection from the cartels that have taken over Mexico? I can see why Russia doesn't want the EU and US getting hegemony over the Baltic states. they want a buffer that we have in oceans.
I would bet 49% of americans don't even know why we went into Afghanistan. We have given away our country through ignorance and individual self interest. 49% of college students should get out of the ivory towers and go to work.
We need to stop arguing global warming. The fact is, there has been cyclical climate change for a million years. The issue is whether the U.S. with a population of only 5% of the globe can really do anything about global change. Give me science that proves man can do anything other than clean up his local enviroment.
I really like Rand Paul. Unfortunately with an electorate as ignorant as us, I'm afraid Hillary's machine and the media will tear him up. My $$ is on Scott Walker as a dark horse emerging late in 15, or early 16.
Since the scumbag executive won't remove him, what other power does the legislature have to force removal of this out of control officer? I think we need that constitutional convention called by the states that Levin & Hannity are now supporting. We need some changes in power and term limits.
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A Bridge Too Far-Fetched

Bryan55 Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 11:38 AM
This column is accurate but, Wha happened?? Ann was crazy about Christie in the last primary season. Nothing is as damaging as a woman scorned. I'm afraid I've lost a little respect for Ann whom I used to think of as honest and witty.
this is all true, but there is no solution in putting boots on the ground now. A drone campaign could be useful, but our best bet is to become energy independent and allow the middle east to destroy itself.
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Republicans Need to Fight Smart in 2014

Bryan55 Wrote: Dec 27, 2013 12:51 PM
This is great advice. Look how the media has convinced us we think congress stinks because they get nothing done. The truth is the House has passed dozens of bills to fix things but the Senate won't address them. Not even Obama care fixes. So who's really at fault for no action. The Senate & Prez, not the congress! But R's are stymied by the media. R's should constantly point out "It's the Senate stupid!"
Ransom is right on! We need to win elections, not act like a bunch of children. I am more conservative than most, but I like to use my power effectively. Strategy is the answer and the real Ryan budget that will only pass with R's in both houses of congress and the presidency, unless we can elect 2/3 of both houses.
Hunter is right on. I think the deal stinks, but it's the best we can do this year. Like the Dems, we can change it when we have a majority. It's less than a year away, if we can win. Keep the focus on a new health plan alternative and the lies they are currently telling. Deal with a real budfget in 2015. If we don't face facts and use a good strategy, it all over anyway.
When is the GD Congress going to stand up for the Constitution and tell this A**hole that he doesn't have this power. File something with the Supreme court. Jeez!!!
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