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Ransom is right on! We need to win elections, not act like a bunch of children. I am more conservative than most, but I like to use my power effectively. Strategy is the answer and the real Ryan budget that will only pass with R's in both houses of congress and the presidency, unless we can elect 2/3 of both houses.
Hunter is right on. I think the deal stinks, but it's the best we can do this year. Like the Dems, we can change it when we have a majority. It's less than a year away, if we can win. Keep the focus on a new health plan alternative and the lies they are currently telling. Deal with a real budfget in 2015. If we don't face facts and use a good strategy, it all over anyway.
When is the GD Congress going to stand up for the Constitution and tell this A**hole that he doesn't have this power. File something with the Supreme court. Jeez!!!
All these questions are a waste of time. It was designed to fail. Not just the website, the whole deal. It's classic Cloward & Piven. They want to get to single payer socialized medicine. Jeez. Does nobody hear their speeches from years ago? Pay attention, PLEASE.
I hope Upton pays attention to this column. We have so many hearings over and over without getting truth, or anywhere close to finding responsibility. Look at the stonewalls= Fast and furious, benghazi, the IRS. It's all BS. Maybe we need to change the inquiry structure to prosecutors like Gowdy, or Gomert, and not allow the preening of every second tier member of the committee. Throw in a rule change.
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Limited Terms

Bryan55 Wrote: Oct 21, 2013 12:47 PM
There is no reason why a senator should serve more than two terms, nor a representative more than four or five. Senators are the "princes" of our ruling class. These people should find it a burden to serve, not a life long career of lucrative benefits, power and exemption from the laws they pass on the rest of us.
I hope someone is sending Nightwatch to every congressman and senator. They all know they should not be believing Kerry and Obummer, or Hagel. The public knows it's a horrible feeling to start trusting the Russians more than your own administration, but the scandals are fuel for this fire. The media is helping bury these stories.
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Pelosi's Rocky Road to Peace in Damascus

Bryan55 Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 11:46 AM
Why do these stupid libs think Assad is just going to take a thrashing and do nothing? At the very least he should attack our ships in self defense. Are these sailors not American? Are their lives not worth thinking about. The dems blindly support this president. They refuse to look at the reality of Bush's action and coalition compared to this incompetent. Our military follows orders, but is it lawful to order them to fight on Al Queda's side?
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5 Reasons Not To Bomb Syria

Bryan55 Wrote: Sep 03, 2013 3:11 PM
The congress needs to vote a resolution making it clear the president has no authority to order an act of war except in a case where american lives are directly threatened, or attacked.( Benghazi, Beirut, embassies anywhere.) While Congress is debating beginning the 9th, are we preparing for attacks on our embassies on the 11th? Let the pres get ready for that; not bombing a hopeless Syria. Congress needs to pass a resolution re a red line for Iran, not Syria.
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A Less Imperial President

Bryan55 Wrote: Sep 02, 2013 10:39 AM
If these fools in congress pass any kind of authorization, it better be specific in limitation, and should re-state that the pres has no authority to act except when americans are under attack or imminent threat.
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Obama Gets His Gun Off Again

Bryan55 Wrote: Aug 29, 2013 11:16 AM
The reason the constitution makes the congress responsible for war is that it keeps us out of stupid moves like this. The prez does not have the authority to commit acts of war on his own! (unless americans r under direct threat of attack) Congress, at least the house should come into emergency session and chastise the executive from even considering an act of war. Point out that it would be a high crime.
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