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Voter Fraud and the Loss of Pretense

Bryan55 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 12:59 PM
Unreported voter fraud is widespread in this country. Why we won't deal with it is beyond me. Chicago has always been famous for it.. You cannot trust the ballots in close elections. Your candidate must win by a wide margin or the election is suspect, even though the media won't report on it. I doubt the Repubs will be much different in governing, but I believe they are pretty fair in elections.
there are tons of voter fraud in this nation that never gets reported until long after the elections are deemed settled. Then the Progressives say that vote fraud is minimal. I say that's BS and alot of us know it.
Right on! Why doesn't the press corps laugh him right off the podium?
What's stupid here, is that we never seem to learn our lesson. We should go into a problem early, strike and obliterate, and then get out. The political elite in this country just never get it.
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Fire Reid Already

Bryan55 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 3:05 PM
How do we get rid of these pigs? Require voters to pass a civics test on the issues when they register. Clean up our elections. Stop the vote fraud that goes on every time. Avoid the coming insurrection.
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Cease the Cease-Fires

Bryan55 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 2:57 PM
There is a solution. It's one state. Israel should declare that Palestine does not exist. It was lost in the '67 war. If you llive in the territories, you will become an Israeli, if you practice terror you will be executed. In 20 years there will be real peace in the region.
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Impeach Eric Holder Now

Bryan55 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 6:07 PM
this is the impeachment that makes the most sense. Even though they'll never get it thru the Senate, it's worth doing to take this nasty racist back a peg or two. And who knows? Maybe some honest Democrats might still respect the rule of law.
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How The World Turned Against Israel

Bryan55 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 6:13 PM
Israel needs to declare the "two state solution" dead. There is Israel and a bunch of refugees and terrorists. Once again offer citizenship to any peaceful Palestinian (maybe an oxymoron). To the rest drive them, out of Israeli territory and declare Gaza and the West Bank part of Israel. UN be damned.
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The Paranoids are Back

Bryan55 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 11:17 AM
Maybe Greenburg should read the materials before pronouncing Jeb Bush a hero. The Bushes were always the opposite of R Reagan. The Bush family has been the worst type of Rockefeller Republicans. If they aren't establishment, I don't know who is. HW may be a dear old man now, but it was he that destroyed the Reagan legacy.
the dems don't want the truth about Benghazi because they know it was a covert CIA op called ZERO FOOTPRINT-- It's another smuggling arms to our enemies deal and they don't want it to come out because the base may get angry and not vote.
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