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Hey "thenderson552": 'Jever look at Dept. of Justice racial breakdown of crimes? I guess not, or you'd be embarrassed to dismiss "race" as an important component of this particular casual violence. In the REAL world people routinely factor race into their activities and behavior. Hells bells, Jesse Jackson famously admitted how relieved he is to find that the footsteps behind him at night turn out to be those of White folks. Pavlich's final advice that follows the disgusting video, "Always be aware of your surroundings", implies making useful decisions based on REALITY, and the reality is that these, "teenagers" are nearly always Black, and their victims are nearly always White. I think you know better than to ignore who's who, and what's what on a day to day way, doncha?
More than just useful, joining the NRA is pretty much the most powerful action that patriots can take against the gathering storm of Liberal/Leftist attacks on America. Here's the link: https://membership.nrahq.org/forms/signup.asp?campaignid=bonusgiftwy&EK=Y3ARPPBD&pubID=148.30&hid=19966807
More than just useful, joining the NRA is pretty much the most powerful action that patriots can take today. Here's the link: https://membership.nrahq.org/forms/signup.asp?campaignid=bonusgiftwy&EK=Y3ARPPBD&pubID=148.30&hid=19966807
Out of yo mind.
Bravo "coveyrise".
Q: "How long before whites are being attacked by impressionable and angry blacks?!?" Ans: The frequency of attacks by Blacks againt Whites has increased exponentially since the coronation of the vanguard of Black Nationalism, Obummer. The heads of SEVERAL major newspapers have openly admitted that they have A POLICY of censoring black on white crimes, AND the heads of TV networks have acknowleged the same policies. Even a cursory examination of Dept. of Jistice and police stats in ANY state will prove the attacks are RAMPANT! Do the research yoursellf. Whites ARE currently under very ugly violent attacks. Just because the mainstream liars won't report these random attacks ought not lead ANYONE to believe they don't exist.
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