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Mormons Have Irrational Beliefs? Who Doesn't?

Bryan117 Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 3:09 AM
Oh, so God speaks to you Dreadnaught011? Please, tell us what He has to say. Why are you so privileged to know what God says in the first place to obey? If you say, "read the Bible" then you're assuming that each person doesn't interpret the Bible differently - which they do. What makes your assessment of the Bible better than Joseph Smith's, The Jehovahs Witnesses, 7th day Adventists, Catholics, etc, etc,?
Commentators on both the right and left and both secular and religious note with disdain that Mormons (Latter Day Saints, as Mormons refer to themselves) have irrational practices and beliefs. The former, we are told, includes the wearing of sacred undergarments and the latter includes posthumous baptisms and the claims by the prophet of Mormonism to have found and deciphered engraved golden plates in New York State.

I read and hear these dismissals of Mormonism with some amusement -- because everyone who makes these charges holds beliefs and/or practices that outsiders consider just as irrational.

Let's begin with the religious critics.

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