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BREAKING: Rick Santorum Suspending His Campaign

Bryan117 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 7:13 PM
Santorum had the opportunity to withdraw graciously, congratulate Mitt Romney - now his party's presumptive nominee - and call for Republican unity in working to defeat President Barack Obama in November. Instead, Santorum blew it. His rambling 14-minute speech barely mentioned Obama or the economy. And most notably there were two words that did not cross his lips - Mitt and Romney. Graceless. Classless. Making the speech all about him, rather than his country or his party, Santorum ended up looking like the smaller man.
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 8:23 PM
I thought it was a good speech, and it came from the heart. You have to remember he was the bullseye for Romneys negative campaigning. Just as all the other conservative candidates were when they were closing or winning..doesn't matter which, the one who was the closest challenger was destroyed one way or another. Not saying much for Romney's integrity or ethics.
Benjamin98 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 7:36 PM
Give Santorum some time. He really made his campaign personal and it can be expected that he'll come around once he's taken a break from politics to clear his head.
Carlos7 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 7:27 PM
Romney slammed Santorum with ten's of millions in dishonest attack ads ...

I wouldn't hold it against Rick if he declared Obama the better candidate.

It's sometimes hard to tell the difference when you 'think' about it.
Benjamin98 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 7:39 PM
It's true that Romney had the resources from supporters to carry out a more effective ad campaign. Santorum knows he would have done the same had his supporters donated as much.

I disagree that Romney's ads were dishonest. Rick was fairly consistently dishonest. Romney simply pointed out Santorum's warts, which his supporters didn't like seeing. But it didn't change the fact they are there.
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 8:21 PM
Romney plastered my state with vicious negative ads, and which of the other candidates had the finances to counter them. When he attacked Newt in Iowa when Newt was leading that was the beginning of his viciousness. It's one thing to promote ads that tell the truth but when the ads are all negative all day, it tells me there is something very wrong with the integrity and ethics of that candidate. The GOP suits counted on the antipathy we hafve towards the USURPER and pushed Romney and went after any other other candidates who
had the audacity of getting angry about the lies. I believe Romeny and the RNC were just as complicit as Axelgrease when they did their character assasination of a decent man, my first choice Herman Cain. I...

Rick Santorum has a press conference scheduled for this afternoon, but there are already early reports on Twitter that Rick Santorum is going to announce that he's suspending his campaign, apparently confirmed by Fox News and other outlets. Stand by for confirmation and live updates!

Update: Yahoo reports that, earlier today, Rick Santorum called Mitt Romney to concede; you can watch the livestream of the press conference through Yahoo, as well.

Update: It's official -- Tuesday afternoon, Rick Santorum made a graceful exit from the GOP presidential race. Although his daughter Bella was hospitalized last week,...