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I think they should reconfigure 1/3 of the public schools as charter schools, and put the taxpayer money there..... hire new teachers but remove all government control. Student acceptance would have to be by lottery. Worth a try to stop a sunken ship????????????
That's why we need to break the cycle. Teachers who refuse to be evaluated must not be competent.
IF they weren't playing the race card, they wouldn't have any other cards to play. But be aware USA, communism is alive and well and li the white house. WE NEED TO BE GETTING THE VOTERS OUT TO STAND FOR OUR FREEDOMS.
FIRST OF ALL AMEN! Reading a book by Trevor Loudon.. Obamas communist roots are so deep and still active. Those also involved or on the fringe: Jarrett, VanJones, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte. We need to wake up as a Country. Healthcare/Guns/Manufacturing companies/energy ..... IT'S ALL ABOUT GOVERNMENT CONTROL!
Last night carl rove was debunking the polls being put out, stating that the dems are either overcounting the obama votes, or undercounting the undecideds. For our sake I sure hope people wake up. This is ouir DO OR DIE election.
I agree. I liked that the movie did not bash Obama, it simply laid out where he's "coming from" in his actions and beliefs. He is deeply steeped in socialism/communism which explains his actions more than anything he has ever said. That also explains his "hiding" of his past. Reading a huge book by Trevor Loudon... about all of Obama's communist ties, comm groups that endoresed/supported his campaigns, and I am not talking about 2 or 3, i am talking about DOZENS. SCARY STUFF.
I will check out critical theory, but if it's about communism, I totally agree. I am reading a book by Trevor Loudon who I recently saw speak. Obamas campaign started at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, known terrorists. The author said he did the research and wrote the book (he's from New Zealand) because he feels if the US goes down, other countries are next to go.
You can't educate an undeducated person who refuses to be educated. Actually, the problem is not really that they are not educated. Most of the just flat refuse to see. I have friends that I am trying to talk to .... they are so entrenched, they won't listten to facts or even open their minds to question anything on the dem side. But it's like chuck Norris said last night in an interview that the dems are now left leaning liberal, and the repubs are closer to where the dems used to be . I have started putting together 2 page flyers, with small political articles to give to people. If anyone wants to see it, email me mubar@gmx.us
and the dems had the nerve to dis the RNC for holding their convention... "while blacks were drowning'... their words, not mine.Uh, i think ozombie is supposed to be looking out for the welfare of the people.....
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